I spent the second half of the day yesterday with my best friend which was nice. We were able to actually ‘hang out’ which hasn’t really happened in quite awhile. I’m still a little sad that he basically just left without a notice to live with his girlfriend. He doesn’t seem to comprehend that just doing whatever you want has it’s consequences.

I understand that there isn’t much at all to do here in this stupid little apartment, but him persistently giving me this feeling of rejection is awfully difficult to deal with. Our relationship consistently sways from one direction to the next and I have difficulty trying to decipher what his actions mean. He moves from place to place and from people to people with reckless abandon and it makes me wonder sometimes how important I am to him.

I equate a persons willingness to communicate with others to home much they care about that other person. His lack of disclosing his plans to me – but willingness to ‘tell all’ to others is rather discouraging. I often wonder why there is this ‘divide’ between us that he has so carefully constructed, a divide of his own creation that I’ve yet to determine the meaning of.

Regardless, I did not get as much packing done as I’d like since I want to prioritize time spent with my best friend – which kind of causes me to be a bit counterproductive at times. I figure that I’m going to have roughly 5 days this upcoming weekend to devote to packing, that I can procrastinate just a little bit.