My best friend and his on-again off-again “girlfriend” are back together a week or so after he told her that he wants nothing to do with her and that they’d just be co-parents.

I keep watching her manipulate him over and over for months and I see this current development as just another manipulation on her part. This might last a little longer that previous attempts, however everything will fall apart in a devastating manner soon enough.

The closing date for the house is nine days away and I’ve yet to hear any news on the progress of the mortgage, I’m slightly worried about this. I don’t know if this silence is a normal aspect of the mortgage process. I keep trying to reassure myself that everything is going fine when in reality I just simply do not know.

There is SO much still to do though – I have A LOT of packing to do, I haven’t even started with that. I have to do a whole bunch of things in regards to the house like getting utilities, trash, water and other various things set up in my name. The work ahead of me looks daunting and I’m not sure how to confront it all yet.

And the brakes on my car need to be replaced.

I just want all of this stuff to take care of itself somehow, but I doubt that will occur.