This weekend feels like one long cliff-hanger. I wish I had a way of knowing that in three weeks I will have a house to move into. I have one more piece of paper work to deal with – but that entails my bank cashing a check, so I’m waiting on the Credit Union for that.

I guess I won’t be at ease until after June 20 – when I absolutely know with out a doubt that I’ll be in that house. There are two other people who are also depending on this and the fact that if things don’t work out – there will be no other place to go.

For any of us.

Both of my roommates were gone for the past two days while I stayed at the apartment and cleaned. I didn’t do much else and I’m curious as to how their weekend’s went. My best friend of course is going to leave out any and all important details until those details become a problem at some point in the future.

But I’m sure there will be something that he will tell me all about his weekend… inevitably.