I’ve done a lot of cleaning while the roommates were gone. I just hope that when they return, they do there share. There is no reason for there to be such a large abundance of trash everywhere.

I’m not nervous about the move – I just want it to happen already. I think that I have my apartment – for the most part – at a point where moving will primarily consist of placing all my stuff in boxes. I’ve sorted so much stuff in the past 24 hours that I think a lot of useless junk has been discarded.

Right now I want to rest. I want to believe that not too long from now, I’ll get news that everything is in order for getting the house. I need to know that everything is going to be fine. My mind is a collision of worries. The closing date is just three short weeks away.

Things need to go smoothly. I want to be happy again. I want to be comfortable again. I want to have a place to call ‘home’. I feel so lost and alone right now. That is the problem. I don’t like that feeling.