Today my roommates are both gone so I can spend some important time cleaning out the bedroom and other areas of this apartment that need some TLC before I get to packing. I can say that I have reduced my mess quite substantially this morning and all I need to worry about is attaining boxes in which to place my large quantities of books.

I am enjoying myself, but I long for the days when I’ll be in the house spending time there instead of sitting uncomfortably here walking on eggshells in fear of bothering my neighbor in the other half of the duplex.

I can’t wait to get out of here.

I no longer consider this apartment ‘home’. ‘Home’ to me is a place that I can feel safe and secure. With an eviction hanging over my head like the sword of Damocles, I no longer feel “safe and secure” but, rather, extremely worried.

Tomorrow however, my best friend and I are going to have a talk with the third roommate about his inability to clean up after himself. He seems to think that my purpose is to be his maid. He leaves dirty food containers all over, allows trash to pile up around his air mattress and leaves dirty dishes in the kitchen sink for me to clean.

This type of stuff needs to come to an end. I’ve already warned him that if he doesn’t clean up after himself, he is literally begging for an ant infestation. I’m hoping that for once I won’t have one this year, but that isn’t looking likely as I see all his trash lying around all over. Why he thinks this is permissible is beyond me.

Today I spent a  little time reading about Michigan’s White Pine days back in the mid and late 1800’s. I found a book discussing it at the antique mall and I’ve finally had time to read a large portion of it. Those types of “local histories” interest me quite a bit. The logging industry is easily the most nation-altering industry in our history. For lack of a better term, logging ‘paved’ the way for other industries by clearing out land. It also transformed the landscape of this country from Maine to the Mississippi River.

I’ve been so busy dealing with the house stuff I’ve allowed very little leisure time for myself. As it can be seem from how scarce the blog entries have become – my ‘free time’ has been limited.

But soon that will change.

It needs to change.