The last four days have been a combination of the best, worst and busiest days of my life.

My landlord found out that I was violating the lease having my best friend and the third roommate in my one bedroom apartment and told me that I’d be evicted – thankfully I’ll be moving into the house before the eviction would be legally going through.

I hate this town.

Saturday I went to the wedding of one of my best friends sisters. It was a beautiful place and I was glad to be there – despite being incredibly tired.

The house I’m buying has been appraised for MORE than what I’m buying it for which is exciting. So the house stuff is all on track, I’m just worried about the entire eviction thing. I just want the closing date to get here so I know I’ll have a place to go when I’m no longer allowed in this apartment.

I feel this urge to cry… the stress is unbearable.

These following two months NEED to go by quick.