Life has slipped into monotony again.

YesterdayJalapeno bread I made my best friend a cake and a jalapeno bread with pepperoni and blue cheese. I decided to combine several of his favorite foods.

He loved it.

Today is very similar. Right now my best friend and the third room mate are sleeping, I’m making a pizza from scratch and wondering how tomorrow is going to play out.

Tomorrow is the day that my best friends mom gets to meet my best friends daughter that she just found out about a month ago. It’s supposed to be just him, his sister, his ex-girlfriend and his daughter going to this lunch, but my best friend wants me to go along too.

I agreed, but considering how disrespectful his mom was with me the last time I met her, I can only see this as being yet another bad experience. Of course I’m not sure how to prepare for it but oh well.

Will she interrogate me? Make insinuations and accusations about me, demean me like she did last time? Probably – that’s what that drunk bitch likes to do because she is such a failure at life.

I’m a bit apprehensive about tomorrow to say the least.