My life has become a whirlwind of busy-ness.

Yesterday, with my help, my best friend was able to get the Jeep that he always wanted and get rid of his BMW that was nickel and diming him. His Jeep Liberty is beautiful and I’m happy that he is happy. The payments however are kind of high. We’ll figure it out though.

However the buying process took almost 4 hours keeping all three of us up well past our bed times making for an exhausting day today.

Monday also went by quite fast with us all being very busy. I cannot recall what that day even consisted of aside from  being exhausted.

In regards to the house, we are even further along in the process which is exciting. I’m doing all the work as soon as I’m notified about it. The next big thing on the agenda in regards to that is the appraisal which I hope takes place mid June because none of us would be able to come up with the money for it this month.

I’m currently exhausted and think heading to bed is my best option at the moment.

I promised my best friend an Italian themed dinner and hopefully I’ll be able to give him one in a few days with things slow down for a bit.