you fit into me
like a hook into an eye

a fish hook
an open eye

– Margaret Atwood

My best friend asked me if it would be alright if the mother of his daughter could move into the house if they were to get back together. Considering how she has been using the pregnancy and his daughter as a bargaining chip to manipulate him has me greatly concerned and I will not be able to tolerate it if she were to treat him like that on a daily basis.

I had a little discussion with him about that. Just two days ago he was telling me how he was going to go through the court system in regards to gaining full custody of his daughter and that he wanted nothing to do with her. Earlier last week she lectured him about how terrible of a person he is – even making a post about him on Facebook. She then texted him about how she thought the three of them would be a happy little family – that it was his fault that they weren’t, meanwhile admitting that she had pushed him away.

I told him that he needs to stay in his daughters life – but that does not necessarily mean that he must have a relationship with her. She is being manipulative and possessive. My best friend does not need that. She is using his daughter as a tool to get what she wants.

Whether “his daughter” is biologically his daughter is also debatable. He should have requested a DNA test upon birth knowing full well how the baby has been used the entire time. Instead he signed the birth certificate, which will help with custody issues – or hurt him when she tries to destroy his life via child support.