Yesterday was, without a doubt, exhausting.

I got out of work at 7am after working from 11pm and wouldn’t make it to bed again until almost midnight. All in all, I was up for almost 28 hours.

My morning began by running to Biggby and grabbing myself a free coffee. I then learned that my roommates were unable to cash their checks at Walmart in Lansing and had to go to a different Walmart. But before doing that we had to rendezvous at the apartment because I had to print up insurance cards for my car.

That took a bit longer than I had hoped, it was almost 9am at this point and we still had several stops to make before getting to the house inspection that would start at 10am.

With the printed insurance cards done, we left for Ionia to get the paychecks cashed. I grabbed a few ingredients, made a quick stop at the bank then left once again, this time for the house in order to meet up with the inspection guy.

This was a great time. When we arrived the inspector was already there. We gave him his fee then went inside the house and explored. What was exciting is that we found MORE stuff that this house had to offer. For starters, the basement concealed a ‘secret room’ that I want to use for a pantry. Then to our surprise we found ANOTHER room we were unaware of behind the garage. This house has nothing but storage space all over.

The inspection went very well, the inspector was quite impressed with the place. While we were there, my best friends uncle also stopped by to look at the house. He was quite impressed. After a few hours we had a talk about the condition of the house then we all left and got something to eat.

Following that the next item on the agenda was to open a joint account for the three of us in order to make our house and insurance payments. This process took quite some time. We were at the credit union for at least 2 hours setting all of that stuff up. Following that we all went on a top secret mission that consisted of buying weed.

OK, so it wasn’t that ‘top secret’ but enjoyable none-the-less.

The sun was beginning to go down by the time we FINALLY started heading back home in which case we decided to go for a quick ‘roadie’ before ordering a pizza for the evening.  The entire day went by so fast. I’ve probably forgotten parts of it in fact.

It’s just very enjoyable to be around my best friend so much though.