I wanted blueberry muffins this morning – but I knew that the recipe I typically use, I lacked some essential ingredients for so I went online and looked one up that I could do with what I had available – and let me tell you, the blueberry muffin recipe that I found turned out phenomenal – the only thing that I would add to this recipe that makes it even better is to spread butter over the tops of the muffins when they come out of the oven in order to soften the crumb. That is the ONLY addition that this recipe needs. I’ll be making another batch of these soon.

It’s yet another day with the roommates and I’m enjoying it for the most part. I had a little discussion with the insurance guy about the new car insurance policy and it looks like my best friend and I will have to set up a joint account in order for that to work. I think it is a good option – the problem is that we need to figure out the best date that will work for both of us in regards to making the payment. We currently pay our insurance on two different dates each month, he gets paid every two weeks, I get paid every week.

My best friend is currently sleeping so getting a joint account set up right now isn’t an option. I prefer he gets his rest, the demands of the insurance salesman can wait. I love how my best friends car insurance rate will be cut in half, I just don’t want to inconvenience him with this joint account set-up.

There is just something so comforting about having my best friend so close all the time. I can’t exactly describe what it is, but I surely enjoy his presence. He’s really an incredible person, I’m so glad he’s in my life..