If I were to put my best friend on the same car insurance plan that I’m on – it would literally cut his monthly payment in half, something that would help him out a lot. This is the news I received after finally convincing him to talk to the people that I’m going to get the house insurance through. When I told him his approximate new rate, he was clearly excited about that.

The entire purpose of getting this house however IS to make our lives easier – which includes finding ways to save money. One of his largest payments each month is his car insurance, so having that cut in half will be very beneficial to him.

When we are finally able to move into that house, it will be a new beginning for us in so many ways, and that is exciting. Right now he is with his daughter for the weekend – I can only imagine how that is going.

He’s going to be doing a lot of growing up in the next few months which I’m not exactly sure if he is prepared for or not. I suppose that I will be doing quite a bit of growing up myself as well, but in the end I think that it will be quite worth it.

So far living together in this one bedroom apartment is going pretty well – I think. I hope that I’m not wrong about that. I realize that there is limited space and that I don’t have all the resources that I should have to take on two more people, but I’m doing what I can to make things work.

Right now I’m baking breakfast – a french toast bake that should be ready when my third roommate gets home from work. I’m trying to cut down on food waste as much as possible, so the french toast bake is being made using the remainder of the bread I made a few days ago. I hope that it turns out alright.

french toast bake

I’ll be honest though – I do miss my ‘alone time’, but I also have a tendency to miss my best friend when I don’t see him for an extended period of time – and therefore I do enjoy that aspect of this rather crowded situation.

I just wish that I was getting some overtime at work so that I had some extra income. That part is entirely frustrating. This week is rent week which means that my entire paycheck is already gone and the week has barely even started.

My life is in a melancholy sort of state right now. I wish I could get a grasp on what is happening.