I think that I upset my best friend today. I told him about my displeasure of dogs as he was discussing getting a doberman for the house.

When I say that I’m ‘not a dog person’ – that’s not a statement of preference. I simply do not feel comfortable around dogs – at all. They cause my anxiety to go up and I just can’t be in the same room as them for too long.

The fact that he wants to get such a large dog doesn’t help matters. I have no compassion at all for dogs – I view them the same way many might view a rat or, perhaps a snake. To me all dogs are either unsightly or unsafe – or both.

The thought of living with one (or two) has me on edge just a little bit. I do not know how I’ll be able to handle it. Thankfully getting a dog won’t happen right away, it’ll be awhile. I, however, won’t be able to change the way I am around them.

This issue may be our first really big, substantial disagreement about the house that we’ve had (so far). I’m not sure how it’ll be resolved.

Yes, I want a pet tortoise – but that will be confined to a terrarium for several years, then when it’s large enough, it’s ‘living space’ will expand to, essentially, the bedroom. I doubt that I’ll let it have the run of the place.

Currently however I cannot comprehend my best friends body language. After the discussion about the dog he laid down on his bed, turned toward the wall and went to sleep. Before this he was heavily concentrated on his phone. I do not know how to interpret this at all.

I think however it’s best that he find out now how my view of dogs instead soon after getting one.

What I tried to explain to him is that I’ve NEVER had a good experience with a dog ever. Every “good” dog that I’ve encountered for an extended period of time has felt the need to attempt to turn me into a chew toy. I’ve also seen “good” dogs attack people, including my older brother when we were kids. I remember in vivid detail the blood drenching his arms and chest and people frantically trying to slow the bleeding using towels.

I remember the stitches, the rabies shot and how the ‘good dog’ had to be put down due to it’s violent, unsolicited outburst. No one thought it would happen – but it did.

I’m getting anxiety just thinking about having a dog around at all times.

There is no comfort in that idea.