Another day has come and gone, small frustrations are beginning to occur between myself and the ‘third roommate’.

I have a large collection of books and I keep them in VERY GOOD condition, the other day I let the ‘third roommate’ look at one and earlier today I found it beneath his mattress with the dust jacket half torn off.

It’s a $30 book that I’ve had in ‘like new’ condition for YEARS and he managed to destroy it in the manner of just a few days.

Also, since he doesn’t have a car – he asked me to drive him to a friends of his place that is a half hour’s drive away from where I live. When I dropped him off and got back home, it wasn’t even a hour when I got a text from him asking me to come pick him up.

So there goes two hours of my day.

On top of that I had to schedule inspections for the house we’ll be moving in to.

What about the plans that I had for myself?

I couldn’t do any of them. This third roommate that I’ve acquired is getting on my nerves.

I’ll be moving out of this apartment in three months. I’ve lived here for almost a decade and haven’t done any damage (outside of your standard wear and tear) to it in that amount of time. I think that having this ‘third roommate’ here, all that damage I was being so careful not to cause will happen because the kid is so careless.

I can’t wait for when my best friend gets back.