My roommates both worked 10 hour shifts last night and were quite tired when they got back to my apartment and they pretty much crashed almost right away.

In other words, a typical Monday.

I plan on doing quite a bit of cleaning in my bed room this week so it will be easier when it comes time to begin packing for the move into our house.

“Our house” – that is a phrase that will take some getting used to. I love that we will all be living together in a much bigger place than this tiny one-bedroom apartment. I don’t like that it will be three months before we will be able to actually move it.

Three months is quite a long time. A lot can happen in three months – for one, my best friend will have a daughter in that time. Technically he’ll be having a daughter any day now since her due date is the end of April.

Never mind, I think she’s having the baby right now….