After staying up for nearly 24 hours, my best friend left yesterday evening to spend the night with his ex-girlfriend after she had harassed him the entire day about wanting him to come over – then getting angry at him when he said he wanted to take a short nap first.

I don’t know how he can put up with her – beyond the baby he’s having with her – she is one of the most demanding and controlling people that I’ve ever seen. I now understand why he tried to get away from her.

A part of me hopes that the baby isn’t his after all. That would be helpful for him.

Today is the first ‘morning’ of our three month wait before we move into the house. It’s annoying though that we must wait so long before we have the opportunity to move in. It’s going to be very cramped in here for the following few months – and it won’t be easy for me to adjust to living with other people.

I don’t even know where to begin though. I did so much yesterday, I just want to rest a bit before I have to go back into work tonight. I don’t know when my best friend is going to show back up today either. He and my other new roommate have to go into work quite early.

I just want this situation to work, that’s all.