Everything changes today.

Today is the beginning of the three month long wait myself, my best friend and our third roommate will have before we move into our house.

That wait will take place in my tiny one-bedroom apartment, and thing will feel crowded that is no lie. Tensions will flair – that is certain. We are all going to be in very close proximity to one another for quite the length of time. There will be plenty of issues.

Right now I’m trying very hard to clean up the living room so that there will be enough room for the air mattresses – which means that my beloved couch will have to go into storage for the following three months.

We’re not going to have much room to sit.

That won’t be too enjoyable at all.

The problem is that this task before me looks completely overwhelming right now and I’m trying to figure everything out. I need to get rid of stuff in order to make up more room. I need to be covert about a lot of it.

Because I don’t want to clue my neighbors in to what is taking place here.

I also need to figure out the best way to tell my landlord. Technically I’m not on a lease any more, but how much time is an adequate notice for this? One month? Two months? Three?

Oh well, I’ll figure that all out when I get there.

Right now how ever I need to continue cleaning before I go an grab myself my morning coffee.