July 20 is the day my best friend and I can move into our house.

That’s right, OUR HOUSE!

But first there will be THREE of us sharing my one-bedroom apartment for three months.

The reason is that the people that we are buying the house from, the exception that they put on the sale is that they want to stay an extra 30 days past the closing day – on the condition that they pay that month’s mortgage.

This is annoying, but I had to accept this because my best friend needs a home – and I want a house and that is all that there is to it.

The past week has been quite frantic as I get things together for the mortgage, home insurance and run errands for the realtor.

It’s surreal, but the benefit of being able to see my best friend all the time is certainly going to out weigh so much of the stress.

Right now however I need to go buy two air mattresses.

I apologize however due to the fact that my post’s on here will become a bit infrequent.

I’ve been very busy – but I hope that in the near future, posts will include more of my best friend and I.