My days have become very busy and extraordinarily stressful as I go through the process of buying a house.

Yesterday my best friend, the ‘third roommate’ and I all went to the realtor’s office at approximately noon and did all the paper work in regards to a purchase agreement. This meeting took over an hour, keeping all of us third-shifters up way past our bed times.

When I finally got home yesterday, it was almost 2pm – I was dreadfully tired, however I had to spend the following 6 hours getting information together for my mortgage lender. A task that caused me to only get roughly 3 hours of sleep and that I continue on with today.

Through out this entire process, I got to see the type of person my best friends ex really is – the one that he got pregnant. I got to see how she speaks to him, how she threatens him, how she gives him ultimatums about the daughter that isn’t even born yet. The psychological abuse that she is putting him through is very troubling.

There is a feat that I have that she is going to try and get child support from him and basically devastate him financially. The mortgage payment I’m looking at will be tough for me to pay all on my own. So that reality is at the back of my mind.

Him and I are already deliberating other forms of income to help support the mortgage costs – our location of the house might allow us to rent out a room for AIRBNB – perhaps do some early morning Uber driving? We’ll deal with it as it comes.

But there is so much still to do.

This weekend my best friend moves in with me into my one-bedroom apartment, along with his friend from his work who will (in time) be our ‘third roommate’. So things will get tight soon.