My best friend and I found a house, the problem is that we are trying to figure out exactly how we are going to go about affording it. The place is nice, it’s not entirely ‘expensive’ – but it isn’t run down either. The house is suitable for the both of us… but finding a way to finance it is the current issue.


I think him and I can pay the mortgage, however we don’t have any money saved up due to various reasons – one being that we’re both millennials living in an over-priced world.

Student loans, car insurance, car payments, a questionable utility company with shady business practices (Consumers Energy), an Internet company that enjoys screwing over their customers (WOW), and numerous hospital bills are all contributing to an inability to set money aside.

I live in a one-bedroom apartment and my utility bill has been over $100 for the fifth month in a row – for comparison purposes, my sister lives in a two-story home and her utility bill from the same company has been in the $150 range each month over the course of the same time period. Six people live there, one person lives here. I don’t understand how I’m paying so much more for having so much less.

Anyway – back to my original point. My best friend and I NEED to get this home. We NEED to figure out how to finance it. And we NEED to do it ASAP.

I wish we could figure out all of this stuff, I wish all of this would just work out. I just don’t know what to do and that is what is so frustrating. I know that there are loans available with 0% down. I know that I have an excellent credit score, I know that him and I need to get this house, that we need to live together.

I just feel so stuck.

Where is a helping hand when you need it?