The assumption I made yesterday – I was wrong about.  In fact I was WAY wrong about. I think he’s just depressed and a little worried about how his life is shaping up. He’s also under a considerable amount of stress.

We talked for about an hour on the phone this morning. He isn’t (and hasn’t been) staying at the house of his ex girlfriend who is pregnant. I’m happy about that. He really shouldn’t complicate things between him and her – he just needs to be civil with her.

I really don’t want him to have to fight for custody to see his own daughter.

He also wants me to pick him up after work tomorrow from his job and take him to get his paycheck. The answer to that was easy, “yes – absolutely”. We’re also going to look at houses tomorrow as well.

GREAT NEWS: He is officially hired in at his place of work. That was exciting to hear. I’m so happy for him right now.

During our conversation on the phone I told him that he was the Superman to my Batman…

He also wanted to know if I’d go with him to his sisters wedding in late May – another obvious “yes”. Typically I don’t do weddings however I’m going to make an exception for my best friend because I’m more concerned about him being happy than anything else.

But yes, things aren’t like I had suspected. Sometimes I wish I could just take all of his troubles away… but that is why I want to live with him, to help alleviate him of his troubles – as much of them as possible anyway.

I think that is what friendship and love is all about, right? Being there for someone during their hardest times.

Things will get better.