This morning I was supposed to meet up with my best friend so he’d be able to pass his drug test so he can be hired in full time.

But he forgot to wear shorts – so we’ve rescheduled our plans for tomorrow. (Our method for him to pass a drug test entails him wearing a pair of shorts beneath his pants to help conceal my ‘clean’ urine better in it’s container – him and I, we’re practically criminals.)

I feel that he isn’t telling me something though – it probably has something to do with the girl he got pregnant. Are they working on trying to get back together? I wonder if that is the case.

At any rate I had a horrible realization this morning that I might not be able to pay all my bills this month because I had to replace the windshield on my car. The money I used for that typically would cover my car insurance. When realizing how short on money I’d be, I slightly panicked.

And therefore I complained to my best friend about it. Money is going to be really tight. He said that he’d give me gas money – so I should be able to cover my bills (if I play with the grace periods a bit that is).

This is such a tough time for me right now. The uncertainty I have about nearly everything is overwhelming, but I think that I’ll be able to make it through – with a little help from my friend.