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There is some refreshing news on the ‘getting a house’ front which I’m glad to report.

I got a call today from the person who I’ll now just refer to as ‘my realtor’. He said that he is going to send me a whole bunch of home listings that don’t appear on the websites that I’ve been looking at. I told him that I need to talk to my best friend and that him and I will schedule a morning to go around and look at as many houses as we can.

I’m pushing for this. I need this to happen ASAP for my own good and for my best friends own good.

My best friend did eventually respond to my snap chats and text messages, but he of course was being vague and I’m unsure what he’s been up to. I get this feeling that he was at his place and not off doing some shenanigans.

I am trying so hard to help him get his life back in order – and put my life back on track it’s ridiculous. I just need to be reassured from time to time that he is still on board with all of this. I have my issues in regards to worrying about people backing out of things.

Skepticism has become a part of me.

Regardless, him and I need to get a house so that we can pursue the other dreams that we have. For instance I want to visit Europe sometime in my life and he really wants to go to Italy. I think that dream can be made real for 2017 – but first getting our own place, having a ‘starting point’ is the most important thing.

He getting hired into a permanent position at his work is also important, and I hope to help him do that tomorrow morning. There is a baby on the way too. It might be here sooner than expected.

His previous relationship only set EVERYTHING back three months – three very important months that we could have spent doing constructive things like finding the best suitable place for us, saving up some money and acquiring the things we need for the house we plan on getting.

But now everything seems to be down to the wire.

In three weeks there will be a baby.

In three weeks he’ll be kicked out of the place he is currently staying at.

There is just three weeks to get SO MUCH DONE!

I just need everything to just fall into place – I just want good fortune to be on my side for once. This is my pursuit of happiness, I need for things to work out. I’m convinced that I need my best friend by my side as well. We support each other.

That is all there is to it.