It’s these extended silences from my best friend that tend to get to me.

Technically it hasn’t been too long since I last heard from him – it’s the fact that the weather is terrible – and has been for quite awhile here in Michigan – that got me a little concerned. This snow/sleet/ice/rain mix is a dangerous combination. I do not know what my friends plans were for last night or today for that matter, but I’m quite certain they entailed driving.

And I can’t stand to think that he could get hurt.

The last I heard from him was yesterday when he sent me two pictures of himself. He had just shaved off his dyed-green hair and wanted me to see the result. He’s as handsome as ever – and I told him as much. In the pictures he had his coat on, as if he were heading out.

Soon after that the treacherous weather moved in, I sent him a few texts telling him to be safe, but I’ve yet to get a response.

The  last thing I knew was that he was going to spend the evening with his sister and her best friend again, but his plans change frequently and I’m not sure what exactly he ended up doing. I sent him two Snapchats just a few moments ago with the secret ambition of trying to learn if he is OK.

Still no response.

These types of things would be easier if we lived together. I wouldn’t spend as much time worrying about him because I’d know what he were up to for better or worse. I treat him like a sibling at times – and worry about him just the same. His life has already taken a few turns for the worse, I just want to make sure his bad luck comes to a screeching halt.


Well I got a response from him over Snapchat. So I asked him where he was at – so I’m once again waiting for a reply. Thankfully, the fact that I did get a response does eliminate one of my worries – that he might have gone to his most recent ex-girlfriends place. But she doesn’t have internet and he doesn’t have data on his phone.

He is undoubtedly lonely – so am I. I feel he has an uncertainty about his future and therefore sinks into these lulls of depression often. Especially when he is by himself. I am trying to determine where he is exactly mainly so he doesn’t put himself into another bad situation.

In three short weeks he’s going to have a daughter – and essentially no place to live. He continues to ‘live in the moment’ in the hopes of blocking out the harsh reality he’ll soon be facing, but reality has this way of seeping into life no matter how much we attempt to block it out.

I did let him know yesterday that he is ALWAYS welcome to my place, whether I’m here or not. Him and I are too close for me to treat him as if I harbor even a little distrust in him. Him and I already have stuff that we consider to be “ours”.

Something however seems off with him right now and that alone has me a bit bothered.

I asked him where he was at and whether he’s doing alright – I’ve yet to get a response. Something is on his mind I think, something is weighing down his thoughts. I just wish I had an idea of what that was exactly.

I hope to provide an update either in this post or in a new post later today. I’m giving him and hour then I’m going to call him.

In the meantime I’m going to make muffins.