When I got out of work on Friday morning I was talking with my best friend on the phone as he was going to get his paycheck he witnessed a pretty horrific car accident. He was yelling in the phone, I was worried that something happened to him.He was OK.

Meanwhile I got my windshield replaced on my car for the second time.

Then we (sort of) made plans.

The curse of working third shift comes on the weekends when, in order to make plans with regular ‘day-shifters’ you must stay up for almost 24 hours – or longer. And that is what my best friend and I did yesterday evening. Although our plans persistently changed throughout the evening, we did finally wind up at a bar in Olivet where him, I, the girl he got pregnant, his sister and her best friend all went. I was desperately tired.

SIDE NOTE: I had inadvertently put myself on a time schedule though because the original plan – that my best friend would come over to my place and do some drinking gave me the idea that I should cook a roast and make a stew in my crock pots. I have a tendency to make enough food in my crock pots for the entire week when we enter the slow season at my work. When the plans for the evening changed, I had to make sure that I’d be able to get back to my place before I ruined the already cooking food.

During our evening out my best friend and his former girlfriend (the pregnant one) went out to a former weed dealer of theirs and bought some bud. After leaving the bar we all got in the car (as it began to snow) and my best friend, his sister and her best friend all got high in the back seat while I sat in the passenger seat and his former girl friend drove. They all got very stoned as a fresh layer of snow formed on the ground.

After that the five of us split up. My best friend, his former girl friend and I went back to her place where we sat down and began the process of sobering up. He wanted to stay there, however my car was at his other place so I drove his car (in a snow storm) back to his other place, then I got in my car and drove my way back home.

My best friend is on the verge of getting hired in to his place of work, and to do that he will have to get a drug test done. What I want more than anything is that he gets his life back on track and I’m so excited that he will have a permanent job.

The next thing on the agenda is finding a place for us to live. I don’t know if that is going to happen before the baby is born, but it needs to happen pretty quick. The goal is that the both of us have stability; a place that we can call ‘home’ but it takes a lot of work to get that. I’m trying so hard to find suitable places for us, but I’m not having much luck. I don’t have any money in savings because I used all that up trying to make sure my best friend stay afloat while he was unemployed.

I just want things to turn around for the both of us. Yesterday was enjoyable, but there is a cloud that hung over it – uncertainty of the future.