Yesterday evening my best friend deactivated his Facebook roughly around the same time that his mom sent me a message over Facebook, then when I asked him about why he deactivated, he gave me a response that I couldn’t quite decipher. All night at work when I texted him, he was giving me short responses. I could not figure out if something was wrong or not. Minutes before I was leaving work, he sent me a text saying that I should call him once I got out.

So I did.

He was on his way to get his paycheck from the temp agency and I asked him what was going on. With that came some VERY GOOD NEWS! He is getting hired in to the place he has been working as a temp! He needs to have a drug test tomorrow morning. He also told me that he deactivated his Facebook because he was just getting annoyed by all the drama on it – the fact that his mom sent me a message roughly the same time that he deactivated was just a strange coincidence.

The reason for the short text responses was due to the fact that he was so excited about getting hired in that he was busy telling all his coworkers. When he told me that he was getting hired in, I was (and continue to be) very excited. That is one less bit of stress that him and I need to worry about. When he gets hired in, he’ll also be receiving a $1.60 per hour raise which will also help him out a lot as well.

I’m so excited for him, I really don’t know how to convey it.

Also: he finished the call with “love you” and I responded likewise which was good because it settled any doubts I was starting to have.

In other news: for the second time in 5 months, I had another windshield installed on my car. A rogue rock (again) hit my windshield (again) and nearly shattered it (again). The first time this happened was on November 5, 2015 – two days after meeting my best friend. I shouldn’t be superstitious but I wonder what (if anything) this signifies. A new new beginning perhaps? Regardless, all I want is for my best friends life to turn around for the better. Him getting hired into the place he currently is working is great news.

He’ll get his life in order – and I will support him every step of the way. If he can’t face a challenge alone, I will gladly face it with him.

Because that is what friendship is.