I don’t know why I’m still allowing what my best friends mom said the other morning to continue to get to me. I’ve even allowed it to effect how frequently I talk to my best friend. Her blind accusations hurt – they hurt quite a bit. I lack my best friends ability to just dismiss them as just the blathering’s of an alcoholic.

The other reason why it’s getting difficult to get over is because I haven’t seen my best friend since that rather disastrous meet up with his mom. The entire situation has been tough to cope with. I’m trying to move on, but I’m not sure how I’ll be able to do that.

After months of helping my best friend get his life back together, I put myself in a rather dangerous financial situation. I’ve completely drained my savings and I am back to living pay check to pay check. It’s not where I’d like to be – however this is the situation I am currently in and my best friends mom felt compelled to make sure to let me know that I was essentially inadequate to be a friend of her son’s because of that.

On top of her tearing me apart, she also decided to try and dissuade me by attempting to tear her own son apart. She doesn’t want me to live with her son but could not come up with a reason with out reverting to ad hominem.

Now I understand where my best friend gets that ass-hole streak I see him sometimes exhibit. I see where his skepticism originates when someone is being genuine with him. I also see why he puts up a front and hides his emotions when dealing with people. His fights with depression also originate with her. She is so demeaning to people, I am sure that it extends to her own son as well.

This week needs to end.