Friday morning I have the windshield on my car scheduled to be replaced. There is a crack from the rocks impact that is racing down the length of the windshield making it quite uncomfortable to drive. This is the second time in 6 months that I’ve had to have my windshield replaced due to the same situation.

It’s aggravating.

Also what is aggravating is that I’m letting what my best friends mom said to me get to me. I’m not sure why I should be concerned about what she thinks and says. I don’t recall her stepping in and helping her son in the past three months, I didn’t hear her offer to have him live with her when his life changes come the end of this month (April).

The only thing that she could do is attempt to dissuade me that it was a bad idea that her son and I live together. She persistently insisted that we should rent a place together first, that we should see how well we’d be able to live together before going and buying a house. The reality is that I was going to go buy a house BEFORE I met my best friend, that is not going to change. The only change I’m making to that plan is that the house that I get is going to accommodate my best friends life as well.

I’m not going to let his life fall apart again. I don’t care that I repeated that statement several times to her, it’s the reality.

Today my best friend, his sister and the girl he got pregnant made a trip to Baby’s R Us – I do not know if they got anything, I’m just happy that they are doing these sorts of things; they need to be doing these sorts of things. Whether they get back together or not isn’t my decision – but I do know that after meeting her, she is much better than his more recent ex-girlfriend.

I thought that part of being a friend to someone is that you try to prevent them from making mistakes, that you watched out for one another, that you cared about each other.

To his mom however, this very idea is an abomination – her insinuation that everyone has an ulterior motive for everything that they do is her first mistake. It’s probably why her own life is such a wreck.