I haven’t lived with another person for almost 10 years, but I think that living with my best friend will be alright. I just wish I had a bigger place – but that will change soon. Right now he is at the place he once lived before his life fell apart due to his ex-girlfriend. He is doing laundry since I must rely on a laundromat and we are both terribly short on money this week.

I am not having any doubts about him being here – I, in fact love that he is here. I love that I get to be around him so much. Even though I’m adjusting to this new situation, I NEED to have this work for his own good. There will probably be tension and stuff, but we’re just going to have to work through it. He has a daughter that is coming in about a month and he needs stability. I’ve got the means to provide for him the stability that he needs – and I will.

It is difficult to convey in words how much my best friend means to me and how willing I am to do anything for him. I think a lot of it has to do with the age difference between us. I regard him as a younger brother at times.

In complete honesty the past week has been nothing but a large transition. and I’m trying hard to adjust to everything. It is great that I’m much happier now that I get to be around my best friend more.

I will do what I can to keep this blog updated as my life changes… or, I should say, as OUR lives change.