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They did it – for real this time, my best friend and his girlfriend broke up and I’m quite happy about it. That probably sounded cold however she basically destroyed his life and I had to do A LOT to help him get back on his feet. Right now he is back at his former place, and I REALLY wish that I were right there with him.

The break-up went down yesterday apparently, I don’t know all the specifics, but it’s one thing that I’m glad that I don’t have to worry about any more. He thinks that they may get back together, but I’m suspicious that that would happen. She is already looking elsewhere. I see her after work talking to several guys by her car and I suspect that there is one that she has her eye on.

His ex-girlfriend can only sustain a relationship for two to three months, in that period of time she manages to completely destroy the guys life then plays the damsel in distress once she decides to break up with them. I’ve watched this pattern happen over and over again over the course of a year that I knew her, so when her and my best friend got into a relationship, I KNEW the same thing was going to happen.

It’s not him, it’s her.
To quote Proust, “For he admitted the possibility that she did not love him.”

But now, my best friend really doesn’t have a place to live. I told him that he is welcome at my place, but my place is rather small. I also told him that when I get a bigger place he’s welcome to live with me there. He seems intent on getting a place for himself or possibly getting back together with her. It’s peculiar that his rationale for wanting to get a place for himself is that he is a ‘grown ass man’ yet the moment he tries to be independent, his entire life falls apart.

The thing is that in 5 weeks (as I mentioned yesterday) he is going to have a daughter coming. With that comes A LOT of extra expenses from formula, car seats, furniture to child support etc. He’s not going to have much money to really get a place of his own. And he isn’t yet hired into the place that he is working yet – he is still a temporary employee. I feel obligated to find a way to help him out, his life is important to me.

I told him that I’d be there for him – I have to be there for him, I don’t feel that there is any other option. I, however, will NOT in anyway try to help him and her get back together. I’m fairly certain that soon she’ll start seeing someone else. That is her M.O.

I wonder when she is going to block him on Facebook and on her phone, then start ghosting him like she’s done to almost every one of her ex-boyfriends. He didn’t know her too long before he decided to pursue a relationship with her, I on the other hand did. I’ve worried about this day since he first starting seeing her, and this day is here and I don’t know how to react.

I love my best friend, I don’t want him going through this – but it’s definitely for the better. She destroyed his life and now it’s time for him to get his life turned around, hopefully before his daughter comes.