So I did something I’m not sure is a good thing or a bad thing yesterday – I sent my best friends ex-girlfriend a friend request on Facebook and we’ve been talking a bit. She is pregnant with my best friends daughter and she is due in five weeks. He is currently ignoring her thinking that somehow that is going to make the entire situation better. Her and I talked for a bit – I feel that him abandoning her is terrible despite all the other drama surrounding that former relationship of his.

Her and I are both in agreement however that his current relationship isn’t doing him any good and will probably end in a disaster.

Today my best friend realized that his ex and I were friends on Facebook and questioned me about it. He is not pleased at all. His life is going to fall apart again in little over a month and he thinks being ignorant up until that point is going to help him.

I’m morbidly depressed right now – I’ll have to write more tomorrow if I have the energy.