I’m in a drought of feelings – I think I used them all up yesterday and my body hasn’t figured out how to generate more. There are thoughts floating between the neurons in my brain trying to discover a way to complete themselves. I sense their existence but I can’t transmit them to my finger tips.

Maybe I sense that I’m going to swept up in another violent storm and I’ve yet to comprehend exactly how I’ll be able to deal with it. The AnimalInside me senses something new on the horizon, it’s all the warning signs I’m choosing to ignore that tell me.

I speculate that my best friends relationship with his girlfriend is approaching it’s end – three months seems to be the length of her relationships. He however wouldn’t be aware of this since he hasn’t known her as long as I have. If the relationship ends, so will his stay at her house. He’s not going to have a place to go – except to me.

My life’s a wreck right now, at this moment I need pizza and someone that I can lean on.

At least I have pizza.