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Facebook quizes – despite how horribly cheesy they are, they can be quite, um, accurate!

Yesterday before I was heading off to bed, I noticed that there were some unread messages on my Facebook and to my surprise when I went to look at them they were from my best friends ex-girlfriend – the one that he is having a daughter with. The message was from the end of January and she was pleading with me to let her know why her ex boyfriend was refusing to talk to her. I didn’t respond – largely because I honestly did not know how. Instead I took a picture of the conversation and sent it to my best friend.

He is trying to hide from something that is going to change his life in a dramatic way in roughly a month from now. When that baby arrives his life is going to be rearranged in such a way that he can’t foresee.

We are talking via text a little more frequently now – even though I have to initiate the conversations still. I’m not sure when I want to have that particular discussion with him. He has to work this weekend – I do not, but regardless we do have plans for tomorrow which include cleaning out even more of his former room at the place he used to live. I kind of pleaded with him because I, admittedly, miss him. On our trip to his old place I want to have a discussion with him about… stuff. Hopefully about some of the concerns that I’ve raised in this blog.

I plan on posting a few more times later this evening on here – there are some issues that I want to look into further, ideas that need exploring and stories that need to be told. Right now however I sit here alone at IHOP getting extremely tired. I am about to head to the Bargain Book Store to get another friend of mine a copy of Jose Saramago’s BLINDNESS – one of my favorite books ever. I may pick up a copy for my best friend as well.

I’m exhausted – more later.