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Obvious to anyone who is following this blog – I’ve been having some serious doubts about the state of the friendship between myself (“lightning”) and my best friend (“thunder”). Today I made a decision that (for the time being) I really don’t want to give up entirely on this friendship. So, instead of waiting on him to initiate some form of communication, I gave in and (perhaps reluctantly) started a conversation via text with him.

I received my bi-annual evaluation at work last night and got a raise and I really wanted to tell him about it – so I did. I found out from him that he is currently on track to getting hired in at the place he is currently working at as a temporary employee. I’m quite glad to hear about that because it won’t be long before he’ll be dealing with things like child support, custody and other costly things.

I had him send me a picture of his hair that he dyed green as well. It looks… different. I have yet to see him in person with his new hair-do, but that should be happening soon. But I think that him and I should have some sort of discussion about the “state of our friendship” and lay some grievances out in the open. The fact that this friendship is getting so extremely one-sided is aggravating and I need to bring this up to him.

I’m taking into account that there is a decent sized age difference between the two of us, but I feel that I shouldn’t be putting in such an extreme amount of effort to maintain this friendship because that will eventually burn me out (and in several ways, it has burned me out).

In other news – his girlfriend had to be taken to urgent care yesterday due to a heart condition that she has. I wonder how this will play into the dynamic of their relationship. I’m still NOT unconvinced that their relationship is a disaster and that they are merely in the “eye of the storm”. A relationship based off of convenience, sex, getting high and being lazy doesn’t look healthy.

I’ve yet to be proven wrong.