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Last night while at work he decided to text me while on his lunch.


He wanted to know how my ‘exciting’ weekend was since apparently him and his girlfriend stayed up for 30 hours then spent the rest of their weekend sleeping.

He mentioned something about ‘the next time we hang out’ but I don’t know how soon that is going to be. Life is overwhelming me right now, this friendship is perplexing me and the combined stressed just makes me want to stay away from people in general – including him.

Bills are swamping me this month and with the lack of over-time at work, I am worried about how exactly I’ll be able to pay them. It’s not the regular bills that I face each month as it is the ‘extra’ bills that I continue to receive from my hospital visit in December of last year. Also the small loan payment that I acquired when I decided to make sure my best friends bills were paid is on my mind as well.

I am quite irritated however that he’s developed this practice of telling his girlfriend everything that I tell him which makes it far less likely that I want to tell him anything at all. I continues to set these precedents that he absolutely would not tolerate if I did it to him.

I guess it’s OK for him to keep me waiting for up to a half hour when we have plans.
I guess it’s OK for him to wait days before responding to texts.
And I guess it’s OK for him to share things that I’d prefer to keep between us with his ‘girlfriend’.

And I’ve already learned that when any of these are done to him, he gets very angry.

But yes, I’m fairly certain at this point that I’m going to cancel any plans he attempts to make for this up coming weekend so that I can give myself some sort of opportunity to sort my own life out. I spent so much time and energy helping him get back on his feet that I neglected to pay attention to my own life – and that is biting me in the ass.

I’m also wondering what this blog will turn into if our friendship were to dissolve. Only time will tell.