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Communication – that key ingredient that holds friendships and relationships together seems to just boil down to a series of Facebook “likes”. Still there haven’t been any texts or calls from him. How long before he makes an effort is unknown.

What I do know is that when his life begins to fall apart again – because I’m confident it will, he isn’t out of the proverbial woods yet – he’s going to have to rely on his girlfriend and not me to get him through. For that month and a half where I quite literally held his life together, my life began to fall apart, slowly at first but at a steady enough rate that I’m feeling it now.

I’ve been inundated with medical bills, my plans of getting a new place and finally moving out of this one bedroom apartment have been demolished, I can’t even afford getting a new battery for my car. ALL my extra money went to making sure my “best friend” didn’t completely drown – and now I’m getting the feeling that I’ll be drowning and he doesn’t feel the need to even send me a text.

And I’m just anticipating one of those accusatory texts from him in the future (maybe I’m being too optimistic) of him being mad at me for not calling or texting him. I’ve expended far too much energy in this friendship – he is well aware of it. I’ve taken time off of work to make sure he got to job interviews, I stayed up extremely late in the day helping him piece his life together…

…and one text from him clearly is too much.