A day.

That’s how long it takes before my best friend makes an effort to (indirectly) talk to me (via a Facebook comment). I mean now that his life has regained some stability why should I be a priority any more?

He has of course made his “relationship” public via Facebook after hiding it from friends and family for the past two and a half months. He’s probably wondering why his best friend isn’t going to give this new status the Facebook seal of approval with a “like” – well I am not going to validate for him that disaster he has gotten himself into.

When things don’t work out between them, he’ll have lost everything. His “relationship” is a gamble he has taken and it’s his entire life that he’s betting on. I’ve already watched his entire life fall apart once because of this “relationship” and I did a lot to piece it back together for him again.

He currently has a job through a temp agency – there is no guarantee that he’ll be hired in. He has a daughter that will be born in about a month and a half from an ex-girlfriend. Those are two major challenges that he faces – and will his current girlfriend help him deal with any of those new challenges? I strongly doubt it – especially when things begin to get inconvenient for her.

He getting a job isn’t the “happy ending” that they are treating it as – it’s just a mild calm before the new storms roll in. He is planning on helping her with bills, but I feel when the child support starts getting pulled from his paychecks, he won’t be so enthusiastic about it. I don’t think that I’ll be able to even help him out too much at that point.

And if he loses his job? Do I have the energy to go through all of this again? At this point I think that it should be his girlfriends complete responsibility. Yes, he completed one week at his new job – but it was persistently being late that caused him to lose his previous job.

I don’t know what I am to him in this friendship, I feel like I’m just his lifeboat – the refuge he goes to when his ship begins to sink, only to be abandoned when an island is landed on.