After one night of training on press yesterday, my boss evidently thought I was good enough to run the press all by myself – with basically no supervision. That’s what I did and I believe that I succeeded. I didn’t have too many problems and managed to run 300 bundles which took a little over six and a half hours, I’m feeling quite confident.

Of course I’d love to tell my best friend about this but I told him yesterday that my phone would be out of service today because I couldn’t pay the phone bill. I’m going to see how long it takes before he tries to contact me. I’m wondering where exactly I stand on his priority list. Will he begin to feel concerned after one day? Two days? Three days?

When does my well-being enter his thoughts?

For the first time since approximately September I’ll have a full two-day weekend off from work, whether my best friend will be a part of that is unknown. I think I’m just going to wait until he makes an attempt to reach out to me.

I shouldn’t be the one exerting all the energy in this friendship.

He has a working car now, he knows where I live. His girlfriend is well aware of the major promotion I’m in training for – is there a chance he’ll make an effort to come see me and congratulate me? I doubt it – however if he were to surprise me, I’ll certainly write a blog post about it.

But I’m not holding my breath.

There is a certain pain here that I can’t quite articulate – and it’s on my mind persistently mainly because my body reminds me of this emotional pain surging through me persistently. How do I relieve myself of it? By letting go?

The answer may just be in the question.