Last night was my best friends first night of work at his new job. He texted me on his first break which was at 12:30 then again on his second break which was at 3am. His impression of his new job went from being “awesome” to “boring” within three hours. Over all however, he likes it which is fine by me.

I’m glad that he is working again. I’m bothered that I won’t be able to see him as frequently. But to celebrate his first day at his new job, I took my best friend out to breakfast.

We decided to meet at one location then drive to another – so when he got to the initial destination and got in my car to go to the next, when I went to start my car, I realized that it wouldn’t start. The battery had gone dead. Thankfully he was there to give my car a jump start. But to be safe, we decided that it would be better that we take his car to the restaurant.

Wouldn’t want to be stranded.

It was a nice little breakfast despite me feeling like there is a distance in our friendship that continues to get wider. I wonder how long it will be before he starts to subtly push me away again now that his life has returned to some form of normalcy. He essentially pushed me to the sidelines when he first started developing interest in his current girlfriend – now that they are entering “month 3” of their relationship and think that they are meant for each other – will he start pushing me away again?

I cannot interpret the state of our friendship and this bothers me…

…a lot.

Anyway I drove his BMW today for the first time so that was exciting.

When he dropped me off back at my car, I went to an auto supply store and had my battery tested. To my chagrin the battery is bad and it will cost $110 to get a new one. I’ll have to wait until pay day to deal with that.

I’ve clearly angered the fates and they want me to live in perpetual misery.

“Things will get better” I keep telling myself, I just wish I knew when…