“Sometimes friends make mistakes. Grievous ones that cry out for us to stay and prove we are true friends.”
– Beth Bernobich

Love is exhausting; why is that never said?

I took one of those annoying Facebook quizzes earlier today and it said something that I had never considered; “the friendship you guys share is one based on finding redemption in each others friendship.” I couldn’t help but think that in a way that this may be true.

My best friend and I have a history of saving each other from various levels of certain disaster. We hold each other up when we’re about to fall – and when one of us do fall down, we stop the world until our footing’s have been regained.

I think my best friend is finally regaining his footing.

I’ve been working 7 nights a week and spending most of my days with my best friend trying to make sure his life has been turned around. Today however, I came straight home after work today and decided my best option was to get some much needed rest. It’s going to be seven more nights before I get another day off.

I’ve been worn out.

My best friend is getting a few last things tied up today before he starts work Sunday night – he is also dying his hair green and blue which should look interesting considering he’s a red head. Regardless I’m so happy to see that things are normalizing again for him.

I still have my doubts about the relationship that he is in. I just don’t see the love that supposedly exists between them.

I need awhile to recover myself from this past month and a half – until one of our lives begins to unravel again. Then the work and the misery and the eventual recovery begins again.

…and again.

Our friendship has been this odd carousel of falling down and picking each other up again.

But isn’t that love? Or redemption?

I believe there is a solid foundation to our friendship – but what it is exactly that we’re standing on I cannot yet define. There need not be any soil samples taken because what is below our feet will hold us up and that is all that matters.