I went over and spent several hours with my best friend and his girlfriend just talking – mainly about punk rock. He rescheduled his job interview for tomorrow morning so I’ll be back over after work in the morning to supply him with some clean urine because that’s how things go.

Him and his girlfriend were having some sort of discussion about their relationship before I got there  – a discussion that I’m not sure what it all entailed. He said that it wasn’t bad, but who knows. His text responses to me have been kind of blunt so I am wondering what this talk is all about. I can’t quite detect what is going on between them – the state of their relationship is unknown to me. The fact that she wants him to move out if he don’t have a job by April suggests to me the direction their relationship is headed.

My guess is that she wants to move on – she has a pattern of this. Get into a relationship that lasts a few months then when the newness goes away she starts looking elsewhere. I’ve seen her do this 10 times last year, my best friend is number 11.

I’m not going to let him go however.

Anyway I’ll be seeing my friend quite a bit this week. Tomorrow again for my piss, then Friday or Saturday so I can give him money to cover his bills and fill his car up with gas.

I also want to take him somewhere just because.

I finally was able to drop off his Italian beer that I got him last week and he was happy about that.

I like seeing him happy.