In about an hour and a half my friend will be here – and there is about a foot of snow in my driveway that I have to deal with before he arrives. I also need to do a bit of apartment cleaning after having a little bit of a tiring night at work. He has a job interview later this evening that will require a drug test which is technically what his visit this morning is all about.

Although I want him to get a job, I feel like it’s kind of a two-edged sword because if he gets one before April his girlfriend will continue to let him stay at her place. He needs to get out of that mess – I feel that once out of that relationship it will be far easier for him to turn his life around for the better.

Anyway – the place that he is attempting to get a job at, from what I understand, is very tough to get into and people who work there really just want to get out. He once again has placed all his eggs in one basket. The places that I got him applications to he has either “messed up” on or decided against applying to. The place that I drove him an hour (one way) to get to for two interviews hired him but he turned that down. Although I understand his rationale – the distance just isn’t worth it considering the minimum wage pay – why he even applied there to begin with baffles me. Probably just wanted the time together….


I guess that I’m going over to him and his girlfriends place because he doesn’t want to use too much gas. So I better get to shoveling that snow.

I’ll try to write a post-visit blog after I get back home.