Michigan is in the midst of another snow storm today. Several inches of snow are expected which makes me relieved that my best friend and I were able to take care of his car yesterday. There is a joy in knowing that my best friend is no longer stranded at his girlfriends house any more. He has a way to get away now. I hope it helps him to get a job since he’ll know longer have to depend on other people. I strongly suggested to him that he not drive anywhere today though due to the storm.

My best friend and I have a bro-date coming up next week. I told him that there would be a twist, although I’m paying he gets to choose what we do. Lately all we’ve been doing when we are together is basically trying to get his life pieced back together, whether it’s dealing with his car or taking him to job interviews. I think he’s over-due for some R&R – if he’s not, I’m WAY over-due for wanting to take him somewhere of his choosing. I do like seeing him happy.

He needs his autonomy, but in many ways he needs a form of guidance too. When my best friend does something, he seldom considers the consequences because he has acted on impulse. When him and I are together, I feel that sometimes I must take on the added responsibility of making sure his impulses will not further ruin his life – this always means going way out of my way for him. Which I don’t mind, however as this blog has illustrated, gets quite stressful.

Yesterday while we were out sorting out his car issue, the first issue we came across was finding a way to cash the check from his car insurance company so that we could pay for his car. Due to the large amount of the check, his bank would not cash it for him – they said that if they would, the funds wouldn’t be available until today. I could see the disappointment in his face, but I told him we’d get this figured out – and we did.

I called my bank so that I could explore my options as to how this check could be cashed. Although my bank wouldn’t cash it either, they told me how I could get it cashed. I would have to go through the bank that the check was written from. I was told that that bank would have to honor it – so that’s what we did. My friend only had to show two forms of ID and within a few minutes he had the cash for his car in his hands.

We went to the mechanic and I paid the deductible and he got his car back. I’m confident that this will eventually lead to him getting a job again and ultimately to him piecing his life back together.

Right now however, I’m working on my budget so that I can cover his bills for March.