His car is fixed! Mostly. My best friends BMW has a lot of issues but for now at least the thing is driveable.

I was unable to tell him the things that I wanted to – he is going through such a rough time right now that I can’t bring myself to dishearten him anymore. All I did was reassure him that I’d be there for him and that I’d do what ever I could to help him.

His doctors bill from the other day came to $82 and I told him that I’d cover that for him. It’s due within 10 days.

According to him he didn’t have the flu, what happened is that him and his girlfriend went out in the snow storm that Michigan had last week to buy weed and she lost control of her car and they went in the ditch. His “flu” was caused by him trying to get the car out of the ditch. He, as he says, “over-exerted” himself.

His girlfriend is giving him until April to find a job, otherwise he has to leave.

He’s welcome to live with me.

I told him that.