While driving home I had the front driver side tire on my car pop which nearly caused me to lose control of my car and drive into on coming traffic. It took over an hour for me to remove the bad tire and put on a spare so I’d be able to drive it.

I took my car to a business that sells and installs new and used tires and had them look at the car. After looking at the tires that I still had on the car and the one that I had removed, they told me that all the tires were badly worn and should be replaced.

The fact that all the tires were bald was quite evident once my car was raised up to eye level.

Fortunately the business had a set of four used tires there for sale that were in quite good condition.

They wanted $200 for them.

After calculating my budget I agreed to get the set.

Although I’m still going to have enough money to cover the cost of getting my best friends car fixed, I am not sure if I’ll be able to pay his March bills.

I’m quite stressed right now.