This morning my friend and I were supposed to go and get coffee together but he’s too sick. He spent most of the night vomiting. He says that he can’t even get up.

The doctor says that he may have the flu.

Great – on two fronts.

First I hope that I don’t come down with the same illness he’s got because I cannot afford to miss work since I’m quite honestly paying the bills for two people. Two car payments, two car insurance payments, two student loan payments, two cell phone payments, my rent payment, his credit card payment, ¬†my internet payment and my hospital bills, his car repair…

…and now he’s going to have a bill from his doctor. He has no insurance so this won’t be a small bill, and even if it were I’m kind of tight right now in the way of money.

Will the person he lives with cover this cost for the trip to Urgent Care? I have my doubts.

As rude and terrible as this may sound, sometimes I wish that I could just walk away from all of this. Just tell my friend, “you made your bed, now you lie in it.”

I do have my own life that I want to attend to a bit here and there but all my energy seems to be going towards pulling my friend out of the abyss he’s fallen into.

His daughter from his ex-girlfriend will be born in about two months – that’s pretty much how long he has to get his life together. He’s been unemployed for a month and a half and he’s only applied to perhaps 5 different places. A lot of this is due to his car being undriveable at the moment – however his girlfriend has a vehicle and I’ve offered several times to take him around to gather applications.

I wonder as I sip my cup of coffee here alone if he really understands the magnitude of the situation he’s in…

…or am I blowing it way out of proportion?