Society places a lot of pressure on male friendships. If you want a meaningful friendship in this culture you have to confront and openly destroy social norms that have been created. What is acceptable for girls is not acceptable for guys in regards to friendship. Everything that makes a friendship meaningful for girls is not allowed for guys.

In my friendship with my best friend I’ve noticed time and time again it’s frequently girls who insist that my friend and I don’t break those social norms. They are the quickest to slander us meanwhile they do the same thing in their friendships that they don’t want to see us doing.

They can yell across parking lots that they love each other and it’s OK however my best friend and I say it casually to each other when leaving (instead of saying ‘goodbye’) then the rumors start. “They are clearly in love with each other,” or “they have a sexual relationship going on” are two of the more common accusations.friend books

Regardless, we fight this in various ways.

I get books that help me to better build our friendship. Male friendship isn’t exactly something that our society teaches us guys how to maintain. A deep, meaningful friendship is what a lot of guys want but our society creates a lot of barriers that prevent that from happening.

There are many limitations placed on male friendships. My best friend and I try very hard to overcome them. I want a long friendship with my best friend since many of my previous friendships dissolved for various reasons. This one I refuse to let slip away.

I care about him too much to want to see that happen.