My best friend and I tell each other we love each other at a minimum once a day – something that might be normal for female best friends, but not too typical for male best friends. We think that our friendship should have a foundation set in love rather in just hanging out. That way when hard times come, we’ll be there for one another.

I love my best friend. I care a lot about his well being.

I don’t think his girlfriend that he lives with does – which is a problem that devastates me.

If they were to break up (- and I find this to almost be inevitable since he is currently unemployed and she has a history of only being in ‘relationships’ that barely last 3 months – and we’re just a week shy of the 2 month mark.) my best friend will not have any place to go.

I’ve told him that he can live with me in my tiny one-bedroom apartment, but that situation would be cramped for the both of us.

I am trying to keep his life together as much as I can. I’m paying his bills while he is unemployed, I’m paying to get his car fixed so he’ll have transportation, I’m taking time off work to take him to job interviews.

And she is taking him to sex shops to buy “couples bags”. It only took her a month and a half and a pregnancy scare for her to tell him that she “kind of loves” him.

From my perspective their relationship is toxic.

It took two weeks after he got himself in that relationship for him to lose his job. He persistently showed up late and was fired due to his attendance –  which was a week before his birthday.

I took him to a restaurant to celebrate his birthday and try to reassure him things would be ok.

She went on a ‘girls weekend’ and got herself a new tattoo.

I want the best for him and I can’t help but see that the girlfriend he has is so terribly wrong for him. She is destroying his life and he refuses to see that.

Watching his life fall apart is destroying me and that is why I started this blog – so that I can speak about my heartbreak.