At the beginning of December 2015 I collapsed at work.

I became disoriented at work and fell over, it was the person who I would very quickly begin to consider my best friend who caught me before I collapsed again.

I was taken to the hospital – my collapse was due to anemia. I was losing blood internally over the course of a long period of time and it finally caught up to me.

When I was taken to the hospital, my hemoglobin levels were at 4.8 which is a level considered fatal. I received four blood transfusions and an iron transfusion over the course of my three day stay in the hospital.

Typically a situation like that would change a persons life I suppose – but what really changed my life is that while at the hospital the person who I will forever consider to be my best friend showed up there to see how I was doing.

He stayed for several hours and made sure that I was doing alright.

I had only known him for a month at this point and we were what I would consider acquaintances but his two acts of kindness [ 1) catching me before collapsing a second time and 2) showing up at the hospital]  immediately changed how I seen him.

He is my other half. To commemorate that idea, we wear matching yin-yang necklaces.

We have this joke, I tell him that I have no soul and he tells me he knows because he keeps it with him – for safe keeping.

Sometimes I worry that I don’t have the strength to rescue him the same way that he has rescued me.