Friendship is a beloved relationship – one that rarely gets the attention it needs. There are so many people who are desperate for a friend and don’t know what it takes to have one let alone keep one. But I’ve been studying this miraculous thing humans do called ‘friendship’ for quite some time and I believe that I have what it takes to be YOUR FRIEND!

For a fee.

I’m kind of an introvert, I only make room in my life for a limited amount of people (two people to be precise). However I CAN be your friend for a short amount of time. We can go and do friend-type things like hang out at the movie theater or give your ex-best friend the finger when we show up unexpectedly at their place of work. The options of course are really endless.

At $20 an hour that is.

But really my best friend has lost his job and really needs to get back on his feet and I’m trying to think of ways to help him do that. He has a daughter on the way and several bills that need to be taken care of. How do I go about making a little extra money on the side to help offset as many of his expenses as possible while he’s unemployed?

I will whore out my friendship skills if that is what it takes.

Will you be my friend?